He went from the world’s most famous nerd to the most famous philanthropist. In between he was a software guru who specialized in cranking out some of the worst software ever seen. He was also seen by many as a cutthroat businessman, to put it politely.

Let’s face it, Bill Gates wears many hats. He plays with mosquitoes and drinks his own liquefied poop. He branded himself a champion of public education…until he threw in the towel and helped usher in charter schools in his home state. He once (maybe twice?) had an Xbox wrapped in mother of pearl and gave it to a world leader as a symbol of peace.

Gates loves genetically modified food and nuclear energy. Screw the environment and full speed ahead! His home town, Seattle, is a sewer overflowing with corporate whores, yuppies and homeless people.


Aren’t you glad this versatile, multi-tasking genius is the self-appointed CEO of Health Care International? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get Bill Gates to personally jab a syringe in your butt and give you one of his high-tech vaccinations?

This website was created to promote what may be the first honest book about Bill Gates and his father, a sleazy attorney who was reportedly as senile as Joe Biden long before he died.

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